Alfred Yoe and Harriet Elizabeth Feild

Alfred Yoe was born in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1830. He married Elizabeth Feild, and their six children were all born in Texas:
– Harrington Feild Yoe (born 1861)
– Laura C. Yoe (born 1863)
– Samuela Yoe (born 1865)
– Tulus C. Yoe (born 1868)
– Robert Shaw Yoe (born 1871)
– Alfred Yoe junior (born 1876).

The father of Alfred Yoe senior was Peregrine Graham Yeo, who married twice. From his first marriage, to Susan Breeden in 1809, there were three children:
– Octavius Yoe (1810–1880, married Margaret Eliza Ann Williams, five children)
– Augustus Yoe (born 1811)
– William Harvey Yoe (born 1813–1835).

From Peregrine’s second marriage, to Elizabeth Moore at Jefferson City, Tennessee in 1815, there were ten children in addition to Alfred:
– Rhodenham Yoe (1816–1893, married Samantha Isabella Tubb, nine children, including Richard Tubb Yoe)
– William Harrison Yoe (1820–1879)
– John Yoe (born 1821)
– Peregrine Yoe junior (1822–1840)
– Benjamin Franklin Yoe (1825–1909)
– James M. Yeo (born 1826)
– Robert S. Yoe (born 1828)
– Pryor Francis Yoe (born 1833)
– Samuel Walter Yoe (1934–1913)
– Elizabeth Elitha Yoe (1837–1916)

The line of descent further back is unclear, but Peregrine Yoe senior might have been a brother of Levi Yeo – see Melvyn Hanawalt Yeo.

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