Melvyn Hanawalt Yeo

An enquiry sent via the Contact Us page has focused on the line of descent to Melvyn Hanawalt Yeo, who was born in Iowa in 1923.

Melvyn appears to have been the youngest of four children of Jess Yeo and Blanch Hanawalt, who are recorded in Deep River, Iowa in the 1930 US census.

Jess may have been Jesse Thomas Yeo (1890–1965), the youngest of five children of John Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Voorhes.

Notes made by Sheila in 2008 explored a connection to Maryland, a thousand miles to the west, as John Thomas Yeo (1843–1916) was the right age to be a son of George Washington Yeo (1813–1896) and a grandson of Levi Yeo (born in Calvert County, Maryland in 1772). This line might lead back to John Yeo, the first Church of England minister to have settled in Maryland – John had emigrated from Shebbear in north Devon, where he was baptised in 1686. He must have retained connections with England, as the administration of his estate was granted in London. However, Sheila’s line can only be regarded as tentative, and there appears to be very little documentary evidence to support it.

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