William Yeo and Susannah Coates

William Yeo [note 1] married Susannah Coates [note 2] at Holy Trinity, Ilfracombe in 1764. They had two children:
– Robert Yeo (see below)
– Susannah Yeo (see John Edwards and Susannah Yeo).

Robert Yeo (son of William Yeo and Susannah Coates) married Sarah Leworthy at St Peter, Barnstaple in 1797. They were both under 21 and the parish register shows that they married with the consent of their parents. Their seven children were baptised in the same parish:
– Susannah Yeo (baptised 1798)
– Sarah Yeo (baptised 1802, died as a child)
– Robert Yeo (see Robert Yeo and Jane Paddon)
– John Leworthy Yeo (see below)
– Sarah Yeo (1809–1899, married Thomas Joce)
– William Yeo (baptised 1812, married Mary Dennis, two daughters)
– Louisa Yeo (1816–1881, did not marry).

John Leworthy Yeo (1807–1881, son of Robert Yeo and Sarah Leworthy) married Ann Bright in Bristol in 1851. They had two children:
– Alfred Bright Yeo (see below)
– Sarah Ann Louisa Yeo (1854–1938, did not marry).

Alfred Bright Yeo (born 1853, son of John Leworthy Yeo and Ann Bright) married Helen White in 1880. They had one son:
– Harry Leworthy Yeo (1881–1953, did not marry).

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1. Baptised in 1737 in the Somerset parish of St Decumans to parents Robert and Elizabeth; surname recorded as Yeaw.
2. Susannah died in 1816 and left a will.