Research by Sheila Yeo

A number of family lines and several prominent or interesting individuals were investigated by Sheila between 2001 and 2016, often with or for correspondents who contacted her. The research might have been complete or partial; in either case details of it will be included in the papers we hold.

Below are links to summaries of these pedigrees, prepared for this web site. We shall be pleased to hear from you if you are (or think you might be) connected to one of these Yeo lines or if you can supply information about them – use the Contact Us page to send us a message.

The pedigrees were of the descendants of:
Charles Heard Yeo and Susan Stannaway
George Yeo and Catherine Toms
George Yeo and Elizabeth Fletcher
George Yeo and Jane Hill
Henry Gaydon and Grace Yeo
Henry Yeo and Susannah Barrow
James Yeo and Damaris Sargent
James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent
James Yeo and Susan Glover
James Henry Yeo and Ruhaniah Eggleston
John Yeo and Ann Honeychurch
John Yeo and Catherine Lee
John Yeo and Elizabeth Batstone
John Yeo and Elizabeth Crout
John Yeo and Emma Selwood
John Yeo and Rebecca Rolle
Richard Yeo and Elizabeth Mary Wilton
Robert Yeo and Agnes Bews
Robert Yeo and Ann Syms
Robert Yeo and Rose Cory
Robert Yeo and Susanna Webber
Roger Yeo and Maria Pinsent
Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Johns
Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Hancock
Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Parkins
William Yeo and Ann Bray
William Yeo and Edith Hammacott
William Yeo and Mary Ann Hobbs
William Yeo and Susannah Hearder

The individuals were:
Catherine Jemmat née Yeo, author
Edward Rooe Yeo, Member of Parliament
Leslie James Yeo, actor and theatre producer
Samuel and Ephraim Yeo of Teigngrace, rope makers
Walter Yeo, plastic surgery patient

For summaries of the many other pedigrees that Sheila worked on, see under the ‘Families’ menu – please use the Contact Us page if you cannot find a pedigree you are looking for.

Sheila also maintained several searchable pedigrees on the Tribal Pages platform, some of which are still available. These pedigrees have not been updated since 2016 and will in due course cease to be available, but we hold copies of all the underlying data:
The descendants of Philip Yeo and Margaret Bonet
The descendants of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Hancock of Inwardleigh, Devon
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