The Yeo coat-of-arms

The Yeo coat-of arms comprises three mallards and a chevron. Sheila Yeo made a colour painting of the arms and used it on every page of her web site. Rhun Jones found a gold ring bearing the arms. Tom Burnell has a metal die embossed with the arms, used for applying wax seals to letters or legal documents – the gold ring may have been used for this purpose too.

Painting by Sheila Yeo of the
Yeo coat-of-arms.
The Yeo coat-of-arms on this gold ring depicts the mallards swimming rather than standing. Photograph from Rhun Jones.
The Yeo coat-of-arms on a metal die used for making wax seals. Photograph from Tom Burnell.

The Yeo coat-of-arms is depicted on an elaborate stained-glass window in the church at Petrockstowe in north Devon, a parish associated with the landed Yeo line. It also appears in windows or plaques in the parish churches at Chittlehampton, Hatherleigh, Huish and North Petherwin.

The Yeo coat-of arms was used as a seal on seven Yeo wills – those of John Yeo of Meeth (proved 1644), Mary Yeo of Woolfardisworthy (proved 1663), George Yeo of Huish (proved 1672), William Yeo of St Stephens by Saltash (proved 1687), John Yeo of Monkleigh (proved 1690), Rebecca Yeo of Monkleigh (proved 1690) and Joan Yeo of Great Torrington (proved 1702) – see List of wills and administrations. Only transcriptions of these wills exist, as the originals were destroyed in 1942 (see Lost wills).

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