William Yeo and Mary Routley

William Yeo was baptised at Bradworthy in 1798 and started farming there. His family has been studied by Mary Yeo, Cecil Collacott, Humphrey Toms and Reg Walter, and by several of Sheila’s correspondents.

William married Mary Routley at Sutcombe in 1824. They baptised six children at Bradworthy:
– Ann Yeo (1825–1866, married Richard Hodge Beckly)
– Grace Yeo (1826–1892, married Richard Fulford)
– Sophia Yeo (1829–1905, married Stephen Nosworthy)
– William Yeo (see William Yeo and Caroline Fry)
– Benjamin Yeo (1833–1887, did not marry)
and seven more at nonconformist ceremonies after moving to Henscott in the nearby parish of Bradford:
– Thomas Yeo (see Thomas Yeo and Matilda Brimacombe Daniel)
– Mary Jane Yeo (1837–1908, married Robert Harris)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1839–1905, married Robert Daniel)
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Julia Longley)
– Barnabas Yeo (1844–1907, married Sarah James Edmonds, nine children including William Edmonds Yeo [note 1] and Laura Yeo [note 2])
– Matthew Yeo (1846–1923, did not marry)
– Emma Nora Yeo (1847–1891, married Samuel John Trible).

William died in 1872 and Mary survived him by eleven years. A seventh daughter has incorrectly been assigned to their family by some researchers, see A woman who never existed – Jane Leonora Yeo.

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1. William Edmonds Yeo (1868–1949) emigrated to Queensland – see Emigrants to Australia.
2. Laura Yeo (1873–1950) had a son John Yeo, who emigrated to Western Australia – see Emigrants to Australia.