James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent

James Yeo (1736–1805, son of James Yeo and Honor Cornish) married Elizabeth Vincent at Kilkhampton in 1803 and had six children:
– Ann Yeo (1759–1760)
– Honour Yeo (baptised 1762, married Thomas Burnard)
– James Yeo (see below)
– Chamond Yeo (see below)
– Thomas Yeo (1767–1830)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1776 and might have married William Westaway and Poughill in 1804, see William Westaway and Elizabeth Yeo)

James Yeo (c1765–1840, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent) was a shoemaker at Kilkhampton. He married twice. With his first wife Ann Osborn he had six children, including James Yeo (see below). With his second wife Grace Francis he had a further ten children, including:
– Anna Maria Yeo (1808–1861, married Samuel Rodd and emigrated to Prince Edward Island)
– Samuel Yeo (see Samuel Yeo and Nancy Prowse)
– Thomas Yeo (1813–1862, married Elizabeth Ann Hockridge, six children including Lawrence Yeo and Thomas Frederick Yeo)
– Lawrence Yeo (see below)
– Barbara Yeo (1817–1867, married William Maynard).

Chamond Yeo (1767–1839, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent) married Margaret Sharsell at Kilkhampton in 1899. Their first son was baptised at Launcells:
– Philip Yeo (baptised 1800, married Ann Cook, two children)
after which they moved to Plymouth and baptised three children at Stoke Damerel:
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1804, married Maria Vinson, six children)
– Mary Ann Yeo (baptised 1806, died as an infant)
– William Yeo (baptised 1811, married Mary Bicknell, three children)
moving to Stratton and baptising another son there:
– James Yeo (see below)
then returning to Launcells and baptising four more children there:
– Daniel Yeo (see Daniel Yeo and Maria Kinsman)
– Jane Yeo (1817–1900, died in Ontario)
– Samuel Yeo (1820–1894, six children, died in Illinois [note 1])
– Chamond Yeo (1822–1907, married twice died in Vancouver [note 2]).
and a possible further daughter:
– Margaret Yeo (baptised 1828 [note 3]).

James Yeo (1812–1894, son of Chamond Yeo and Margaret Sharsell) married twice. From his first marriage, to Martha Short, there were two children:
– James Yeo (1838–1916, married Clara Wesley, no recorded children)
– Ann Yeo (1841–1929, married John Cook)
after Martha’s death in 1843, James married Jane Skitch and had two more children:
– Samuel Channon Yeo (1845–1935, married Elizabeth Jewell, seven children)
– William Robert Yeo (see below)
before emigrating with her to Ontario and having two more:
– Honor Yeo (born 1857, died as an infant)
– Mary Jane Yeo (1857–1928, married Joseph Neville).

William Robert Yeo (1849–1933, son of James Yeo and Jane Skitch) married Margaret Westaway Dyer at Port Hope, Ontario in 1869. They had five children:
– William Frederick Yeo (born 1871, died as an infant)
– Frederick Westaway Yeo (1873–1894)
– Stanley Dyer Yeo (born 1875, married Margaret Johnston, three children including Lyle Westaway Yeo, 1900–1966)
– Norman Carder Yeo (1877–1947, married Florence McKnight, no recorded children)
– Harvey Robert Yeo (1883–1966, married Eva Elena Bassett at Durham, Ontario in 1905, two children).

Lawrence Yeo (1815–1907, son of James Yeo and Grace Francis) emigrated to Prince Edward Island. There he married Catherine McIntosh in 1840, They had nine children, including:
– Daniel Yeo (1845–1922, married Annie Murray, nine children)
– Susan Maria Yeo (1851–1918, married Thomas Adams)
– James Harrison Yeo (1856–1948, married Elizabeth Ann Stuart)
– Thomas Archibald Yeo (1864–1923, married Sarah Jane Barker Ladner).

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1. The 1861 census for Toronto records Samuel as a horse-drawn cab driver, with his Irish-born wife Anna and children Anna Jane (age 9), Elizabeth (5) and Samuel John (3).
2. The 1901 census records Chamond in Ottawa working as a tailor, with his wife Matilda. He might have had a previous wife called Ellen.
3. As suggested by a correspondent of Sheila’s, which appears to be incorrect. There is no matching baptism at Launcells, Stoke Damerel or Stratton.