Robert Yeo and Elizabeth Elliot

Robert Yeo, a grandson of John Yeo and Martha Hambling, was baptised at North Tamerton in 1717, the eighth of twelve children of Philip Yeo and Margaret Bond (also recorded as Margaret Bonet).

Robert married Elizabeth Elliot at Kilkhampton in 1741; they lived at Stratton and baptised seven children there:
– Philip Yeo (baptised 1742, died as an infant)
– Philip Yeo (see Philip Yeo and Elizabeth Higgins)
– James Yeo (see below)
– Richard Yeo (see Richard Yeo and Susanna Spry)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1752)
– Jane Yeo (baptised 1755)
– Robert Yeo (baptised 1758).

James Yeo (baptised 1747, son of Robert Yeo and Elizabeth Elliot) married Grace Bragg at Morwenstow in 1769 and baptised two sons there:
– William Yeo (see below)
– Philip Yeo (baptised 1773, married Mary Dockett, four children).

William Yeo (1769–1843, son of James Yeo and Grace Bragg) married Elizabeth Allin at Holsworthy in 1798. They had five children:
– Philip Yeo (see below)
– John Yeo (baptised 1803 at Holsworthy, married Ann Johns at Kilkhampton in 1828, six children)
– William Yeo (1806–1893, married Mary Ann Hobbs at Bradworthy in 1831, four children, emigrated to Ontario)
– Elizabeth Allen Yeo (baptised 1808 at Kilkhampton, married John Greenaway there in 1831)
– Charlotte Yeo (baptised 1812 at Kilkhampton, married John Adams there in 1833).

Philip Yeo (1799–1884, son of William Yeo and Elizabeth Allin) married Mary Hobbs at the parish church in Holsworthy on 28 November 1823. He and Mary had eight children:
– William Allen Yeo (1825–1892, married Elizabeth Shute, seven children)
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1827 at Kilkhampton, married John Cole at Welcombe in 1853)
– John Yeo (born 1829 at Kilkhampton)
– Mary Ann Yeo (1833–1847)
– Grace Yeo (born 1834 at Kilkhampton, married Alfred Blake)
– Charlotte Yeo (born 1838 at Kilkhampton, married Frederick Cutlan)
– Philip Yeo (see below)
– Alice Yeo (born 1841 at Welcombe, moved to south Wales and married Isaac Hadfield in 1866 [note 1]).

Philip Yeo (1839–1898, son of Philip Yeo and Mary Hobbs) moved to south Wales, where he married Mary Ann Ewins in 1862 [note 2]. They had seven children:
– Francis James Yeo (1863–1913, married Elizabeth Chambers, two sons)
– Arthur Wesley Yeo (born 1864, died as a child)
– Walter Philip Yeo (1867–1945, married Elizabeth Bramell, four children)
– Bernard Henry Yeo (see below)
– Leila Ada Yeo (born 1872, married George Blackaller)
– Hubert Ernest Yeo (born 1874, died as an infant)
– Marion Elizabeth Yeo (born 1876, died as an infant).

Bernard Henry Yeo 1869–1948, son of Philip Yeo and Mary Ann Ewins) married Ada Smith in Cardiff in 1893. They had five children there:
– Ada Mary Yeo (born 1895, married Reginald Sennit in London in 1924)
– Eva Winifred Yeo (born 1898, married Arthur Johns in London in 1930)
– Bernard Royston Leslie Yeo (1900–1971, married Elizabeth Kuhn in 1926, three children)
– Muriel Yeo (born 1912)
– Cyril Henry Yeo (1912–1945 [note 3], became a tailor and married Ingrid Topp in London in 1940, no recorded children).

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1. Alice was living in Cheshire when the 1911 census was taken: she is recorded as a widow. No record of her death has been found.
2. The 1871 census for Cardiff records 31-year-old Philip and 35-year-old wife Mary Ann living at 257/258 Bute Street. Philip is recorded as a general outfitter. The family appear to have been living at their shop, as the address is in a street with other commercial premises nearby. Sons Francis, Walter and Barnard are listed in the household, as well as two shop assistants and a servant.
3. Cyril died at sea on 31 January 1945 while serving with the Royal Navy.