Gordon Arthur Yeo

Gordon Arthur Yeo was born in south Wales in 1922 to parents Arthur Reginald Yeo and Ada Louise Hopkin. He joined the Royal Air Force and trained as an air gunner.

Gordon Yeo was a sergeant based at
RAF Scampton at the time of his death.

Gordon died on 17 May 1943 when the Lancaster bomber in which he was flying was shot down over the Netherlands. He is buried at the war cemetery at Bergen, some twenty miles north of Amsterdam. His aircraft was returning to England after taking part in Operation Chastise, which was directed at two dams in the industrial heartland of Germany.

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We are grateful to Dave Gilbert of the International Bomber Command Centre (https://internationalbcc.co.uk) for supplying information, and to Julie Wragg for her permission to use the photograph shown above. See Dambusters Blog for more information about Operation Chastise – the ‘Dambusters’ bombing mission by 617 Squadron.