There was English settlement in Virginia from the early 17th century, and we have evidence that Yeos later joined the pioneering families there. They include Hugh Yeo of Hartland (who emigrated in the 1640s and lived in Northampton County on a peninsula east of Chesapeake Bay), his brother Justinian Yeo and his sister Deborah Cleverdon.

Henry Yeo, originally from Wapping, died in Virginia; administration of his estate was granted in 1659. John Yeo of Calvert County, Virginia made a petition to the House of Burgesses in 1727. There are various references to Colonel Leonard Yeo of Elizabeth City County, Virginia, who was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, including by Natalie Hughes who contacted Sheila about him in 1999. Yeo descendant Will Potter contacted Sheila in 2007 about his Yeo ancestors in Virginia.

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Yeos in Virginia are also mentioned in Mike Darch and David Yaw’s research.