Frisby Yeo and Rachel Prouse

This couple married in Talbot County, Maryland on 27 September 1819.

The 1920 census records Frisby in Trape in the same county, with his surname spelt Yoe. He appears to be a naturalised U.S. citizen as the column marked ‘Foreigners’ is blank. This census names only the head of each household, but there are six other people living with him. It appears from the statistics shown in the return that this is a farming family, a man and woman over 45 years old with two sons and three daughters.

A son not included in the census or born later in 1820 might be Frisby Wesley Yeo, who married Mary Walker in Marion, Ohio in 1846, had six children and was buried at West Newton, Ohio in 1888. He had at least three children:
– Wesley Lafayette Yeo (1859–1942, married Mary Elizabeth Burgess, three children)
– Rachel Frances Yeo (1849–1930, married Eli Porter)
– Princess Eleanora Yeo (1857–1931, married William Pepple).

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