William Yaw and Betty Galsworthy

William Yaw (1754–1829) married Betty Galsworthy at the parish church of St Peter, Tiverton on 5 June 1786. They were both previously unmarried and appear to have been resident in the parish, as banns of marriage had been read there. They baptised five children at the same church:
– Elizabeth Yaw (1789–1875)
– John Yaw (see below)
– Mary Yaw (baptised 1794, died as a child)
– William Yaw (1797–1832)
– Mary Yaw (baptised 1799)
and then moved to Cheriton Fitzpaine, where two further children were baptised, with their surname recorded as Yawe:
– Mary Yawe (1802–1867, married John Guest)
– Joseph Yawe (see below).

John Yaw (baptised 1792, son of William Yaw and Betty Galsworthy) had a daughter Elizabeth Yaw, see below, with his wife Sarah.

Joseph Yaw (1804–1876, son of William Yaw and Betty Galsworthy) married Sarah Lavercombe at Poughill, near Crediton in 1833. They lived  at Cheriton Fitzpaine, where they had five children. They were all baptised with their surname recorded as Yeo:
– Mary Anne Yeo (1833–1890)
– William Yeo (1840–1890, married Harriet Fouracres at Heavitree in 1868, nine children)
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Alice Jane Bull)
– Emily Yeo (1847–1869, married Charles Royal)
– George Yeo (1851–1918, married Maria Warren, nine children).

Elizabeth Yaw (1837–1908, daughter of John and Sarah Yaw) had a son:
– George Yaw (see below)
before marrying Henry Chapple at North Molton in 1862.

George Yaw (1856–1938 [note 1], son of Elizabeth Yaw) married Sarah Dunn at Bampton in 1878. Their eight children, born in Somerset and in Glamorganshire, included:
– James Yaw (1886–1956, moved to Monmouthshire, married Alma Elizabeth Worgan in 1911, two children)
– Isabella Yaw (born 1888, married William Parsons)
– Jane Yaw (born 1893, married Ernest Warren).

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1. Year of birth subject to confirmation.