Joseph Yeo and Ann Gillard

Joseph Yeo, a great grandson of Robert Yeo and Jane Hurchill of South Tawton, was baptised at South Tawton in 1826 and died in Ontario in 1907. After becoming a tailor, he married Ann Gillard in the London parish of St Luke in 1857. They returned to Devon to have eight children, before emigrating:
– Sarah Ann Harvey Yeo (1851–1922, married Peter William Earle)
– Robert Harvey Yeo (see below)
– Richard Yeo (see below)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (1857–1933, married James Hurley)
– Joseph Yeo (see below)
– Jessie Yeo (1862–1953, married George Axton)
– Eva Yeo (1866–1945, married David Henry Dobbin)
– Ada Yeo (1866–1954, married George Richard Fish).

Robert Harvey Yeo (son of Joseph Yeo and Ann Gillard) was born in London in 1853 and died in Ontario in 1888. He married Ann Moist in 1874; they had six children:
– Ann Yeo (born c1875, married Claude Belcher)
– George Harvey Yeo (see below)
– Dickie Yeo (1878–1882)
– Frank Yeo (born 1879, married Carrie Sheils, son Robert Francis Yeo)
– Eva Yeo (born 1884)
– Ethel Fannie Yeo (1886–1887).

Richard Yeo (1855–1888, son of Joseph Yeo and Ann Gillard) married Rebecca Fish and had two children:
– Laura May Yeo (married Milton Culbert)
– Louis Harvey Yeo (1885–1917).

Joseph Yeo (1860–1915, son of Joseph Yeo and Ann Gillard), married Mary Catherine Kilmer in Michigan in 1900. They had two children:
– Gordon Hurst Yeo (1886–1953, married Ernestine Bishop, two children)
– Russell Usher Yeo (1892–1971, married Marian Francisco, two children including Richard Russell Yeo, 1924–2015)

George Harvey Yeo, son of Robert Harvey Yeo and Ann Moist, was born in London, Ontario in 1874 and lived until 1946. He married Lucy Emma Hayes and had four children:
– Myrtle Ada Yeo (born 1889)
– Robert Lawrence Yeo (born 1894)
– Clayton Eric Yeo (see below)
– Edith Yeo (born 1902).

Clayton Eric Yeo (1897–1954, son of George Harvey Yeo and Lucy Emma Hayes) married Rose Gertrude Westman and had three children:
– Patricia Mertle Yeo (born 1927)
– Richard Clayton Yeo (born 1929, married Joanne Gratzner, two sons)
– Ronald Westman Yeo (born 1933, married Birgitta Sigrid Bergkvist, son Eric Elov Yeo).

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