George Yeo and Ann Gliddon

Chichacott Cross is on the former A30 main road, to the north east of Okehampton and to the south of Sampford Courtenay. The 1871 census records George Yeo living there, with his wife Ann and five children. George is recorded as a quarryman and probably worked at the quarry to the west of Chichacott Cross, close to the River Oakment. There were several quarries in the Okehampton area, worked for stone for building.

George Yeo had married Ann Gliddon in 1863. Their children were Tom Yeo (born 1863), Mary Gliddon Yeo (1864), Emily Ann Yeo (1866), Annie Yeo (1868) and Ellen Yeo (1869), all listed in the 1871 census. They had a daughter Harriet Yeo in 1872.

The census return gives George’s birthplace as North Down – he had been baptised there in 1834 to parents Thomas Yeo and Mary Manning. He lived until 1873.

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