Amos Yaw and Mercy Franklin

Amos Yaw was born in Massachusetts in 1733 and died in Vermont in 1786. He and his wife Mercy Franklin had six children, including:
– Moses Yaw (1759–1850, married Lydia Jones)
– Amos Yaw (1761–1835, married Nancy Carpenter; for their son Amos Yeo see Amos Yeo and Alma Davis)
– John Yaw (see below).

John Yaw (1775–1828, son of Amos Yaw and Mercy Franklin) married Sarah Ethridge in 1795 and had seven children, including:
– John Yaw (1796–1872, married Betsy Stark)
– Thomas Jefferson Yaw (1805–1865, married Polly Dennison)
– Calvin Franklin Yaw (see below).

Calvin Franklin Yaw (1812–1894, son of John Yaw and Sarah Ethridge) had three children from his second marriage to Mary Howard, including:
– Frank Yaw (see below)
– Laura Yaw (1864–1944, married Wheeler Hearn).

Frank Yaw (1861–1918, son of Calvin Franklin Yaw and Mary Howard) married Martha Boyce. They had two children:
– Lena M. Yaw (1882–1936, married Franklin Earl Bloom)
– Carl Franklin Yaw (1894–1940) married Rose Elvine Hegland at Waterloo, Iowa on 15 May 1921).

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