Franklin M. Yaw’s three marriages

Franklin M. Yaw was born in New York City in 1840 to parents Joseph Fay Yaw (1821–1863) and Eliza Millington. He married three times, and died in Iowa in 1915.

From his first marriage, to Charlotte Alma Clark née Dowd in 1865, there were three children:
– Emma V. Yaw (1866–1931, married surname Shiflet)
– Charles Herman Yaw (see below)
– Walter B. Yaw (born 1871, died as an infant).

From his second marriage, to Sarah Elizabeth Burton née Herald in 1883, there were two daughters:
– Mae Violet Yaw (1884–1959, married surname Davis)
– Frances Myrtle Yaw (1891–1970, married surname Connell).

From his third marriage, to Mary Belle Terry née Wickes in Michigan in 1893, there were four children:
– Alfred Yaw (born c1891)
– Henry Cleotes Yaw (1894–1960)
– Laura Viola Yaw (1897–1968, did not marry)
– Bessie Myrtle Yaw (1896–1936, did not marry)
– William McKinley Yaw (see below)
– Franklin R. Yaw (1902–1962).

The 1900 census for Des Moines, Iowa records Franklin Yaw, a sixty-year-old farmer, with his 28-year-old wife Mary B. and children Alfie (age 9), Henry (5), Viola (2) and William McKinley (8 months).

Charles Herman Yaw (1869–1936, son of Franklin M. Yaw and Charlotte Alma Clark) married Elizabeth A. Carpenter in Michigan in 1892. They had three children:
– Harold Cecil Yaw (1893–1947, married Mildred Powell, nine children)
– Marvel B. Yaw (1899–1973, married Henry Rosenau)
– Bernice Angela Yaw (1907–1973, married Isaac Ewing).

William McKinley Yaw (1896–1981, son of Franklin M. Yaw and Mary Belle Terry) married Inez Cox. Their children included:
– Bernice May Yaw (born c1932, married surname Haus)
– Arthur William Yaw (1934–1990, married Carol G. Mally)
– Rex Allen Yaw (1941–2004)
– Harold Franklin Yaw (1945–2002, married Lillian A. Bagley in 1961)
– Philip J. Yaw (1947–1971, married Pamela Lee).

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There appear to have been other men called Frankin M. Yaw, as these marriage records also exist:
– To Nancy Mosbaum at Pipestone, Michigan in 1865
– To Mattie Appleby at Omaha, Nebraska in 1881
– To Jennie F. Duel at Mills, Iowa in 1882.