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These records on the pages under this menu include baptisms, marriages, burials and civil registrations; for a complete list see the searchable List of records.

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Baptism, marriage and burial records (England and Wales)

Revised and expanded sets of baptism and burial records are now included, containing many additional records:
– More than 600 records for surname variants
– Several hundred records from counties outside Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire
– Several hundred records dated after 1837
– Over 60 records previously transcribed as Geo, Jeo, Yem, Yes or Yor and overlooked by other researchers
– Records from nonconformist burial yards and municipal cemeteries.
To accompany these baptism and burial records, a revised and expanded set of marriage records is under development.

The new data sets are fully searchable by forename and date. They have been collated from transcriptions made from the register entries, and from earlier transcriptions made by Humphrey Toms, Reg Walter, J.W. Bastin, Sheila Yeo, Nick Heard, Gill Badcock, David Carter, Steve Hobbs, Janet Few, Jeremy Engert, Mary Elizabeth Jessie Yeo, Beryl Smedley, Alan Richards, Rachel Daine, J.L. Vivian, Phillimore’s Marriage Registers, Boyd’s Marriage Index, the IGI, various county family history societies, and several members of the online parish clerk scheme. They represent the most comprehensive set of Yeo and variant transcriptions ever assembled. Because the information recorded by these different transcribers is presented in various styles, the collated data will inevitably not follow a consistent layout. Some of the transcribers have entered surnames in capital letters.

Please Contact Us if you cannot find a record you are seeking.

Civil registration records (England and Wales)

The revised and expanded birth, marriage and death records on this web site supplement and expand on the data sets based on transcriptions made by Sheila and by Bert Street, and published in PDF format in 2006. Many errors have been corrected, including those found in published official sources.

The searchable data now includes:
– Records for events after 2006 [note 1]
– More than 2000 records for surname variants
– Records including Yeo or a variant as a forename
– Records for women whose birth surname was not Yeo or a variant
– Re-marriage and death records for women whose birth surname was Yeo or a variant.

If, based on one of the records, you wish to order a birth, marriage or death certificate from the GRO, you will need the volume and page number, which you can look up on the GRO web site, Ancestry or FindMyPast. When you receive the certificate, please Contact Us if the details on it differ from the details we show.

Other records

We have been able to include nearly 3500 records for Yeo and variant births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials in countries other than England and Wales [note 1]. Please use the Contact Us page if you can add to or comment on these records.

Also Contact Us if you have questions about the information that was available on Sheila Yeo’s former web site. The site is no longer accessible, but we have copies of all the web pages, illustrations, pedigrees and other collated data.

1. Some births and marriages are not displayed in search results. See the relevant pages for guidance.