George Yeo and Elizabeth Fletcher

George Yeo was baptised in 1803, the eldest of three sons of George Yeo and Mary Sharland, who had married at nearby Denbury the previous year. He died in Torquay in 1884.

Percy Yeo corresponded with Sheila and was able to provide her with information about this line. It has since been investigated by Mike Darch and David Yaw, and is included in their pedigree Descendants of William Yeo and Agnes Savery.

In summary, George Yeo married Elizabeth Nickells Dreaton in 1830 and Elizabeth Fletcher in 1834. There were two children from his first marriage:
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1831, married Richard Northcott)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1832)
and seven from his second:
– George Yeo (1836–1915, emigrated to Queensland, married Mary Jane Manley and Mary Grace Palk, six children from second marriage)
– William Fletcher Yeo (see William Fletcher Yeo and Elizabeth Churchward)
– Richard Fletcher Yeo (see Richard Fletcher Yeo)
– Charles Henry Fletcher Yeo (1845–1898, married Eliza Jane Reed and emigrated to Queensland in 1875, one daughter)
– Mary Grace Yeo (born 1848 in Torquay, married Robert Callard)
– Samuel Yeo (born 1849 in Torquay, married Elizabeth Palk in 1874, four children including Roland Yeo)
– Edward Yeo (born 1851 in Torquay, died as an infant).

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