Philip Yeo and Grace Bray

The marriage of this couple was recorded at Hartland in 1693. No baptism record has been found for Philip, so we do not know who his parents were – please use the Contact Us page if you can help with this. Grace had been baptised at Hartland in 1668 and was buried there in 1746.

Philip and Grace baptised six or perhaps seven children at Hartland:
– Philippa Yeo (baptised about 1694, married Thomas Mabin) [note 1]
– Agnes Yeo (baptised 1696)
– John Yeo (baptised 1697)
– Alice Yeo (baptised 1701)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1704)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1707)
– Grace Yeo (1713–1762, married Richard Marshall).

We are grateful to Suzanne Butler for her help with this family.

1. Baptism record not found. Was she perhaps baptised before her parents married, and recorded as Philippa Bray?