James Knox Yaw

James Knox Yaw was born in Madison County, New York State in 1845 to parents Chauncey Yaw (1807–1902) and Eunice Stiles.

He appears to have married twice. From his marriage to Ellen Kazey Jones there were four children:
– Clayton Yaw (1867–1868)
– Clio Bellamy Yaw (1869–1926, married Josephine Wilcox, seven children)
– Clarrie Esther Yaw (1872–1970, married Hermann Matti)
– Edith Yaw (1874–1953).

After his first wife’s death in 1870, James Knox Yaw married Roxanna Truesdell in 1871. He is recorded in the 1875 census living with Roxanna’s parents in Litchfield, a small town in Herkimer County, New York State. He died in 1880 at the age of 35.

Chauncey Yaw was the second of seven children of David Yaw (c1785–1744) and Phoebe Young.

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