Isaac Yeo and Mary Hammett

Isaac Yeo (1763–1829) was baptised at Okehampton. He appears to have been a grandson of Isaac Yeo and Christian Weeks of North Tawton, but his line of descent has not been fully researched.

Isaac married Mary Hammett at Inwardleigh in 1785 and baptised nine children there:
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1792)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1794)
– Isaac Yeo (see below)
– Joanna Yeo (baptised 1798)
– John Yeo (1803–1874, married Jane Woolland, seven children)
– Margaret Yeo (baptised 1805)
– William Yeo (see William Yeo and Mary Ann Spears)
– Richard Yeo (see Richard Yeo and Loveday Turner)
– Elizabeth (baptised 1815, moved to Somerset and married Thomas Hayward, no recorded children).

Issac Yeo (1795–1891, son of Isaac Yeo and Mary Hammett) married Elizabeth Frost at Okehampton in 1826. They had seven children in Devon:
– Thomas Yeo (1827–1876, married Sabina Jane Henwood, four children)
– Isaac Yeo (born 1829, appears to have died as a child)
– Mary Yeo (1830–1877, married Edmund Dyer)
– John Yeo (1834–1901, married Olinda Germein, two children)
– William Yeo (1836–1861, married Mary Ann Bennett, six children)
– George Yeo (1839–1844)
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1842, married George McKay)

Isaac and Elizabeth emigrated with their surviving five children to Australia on the SS Theresa in 1847. They had two further daughters:
– Theresa Yeo (1847–1919, who appears to have been named after the ship and was born on board soon after departure; she married William Harold Crocker)
– Jane Yeo (1850–1852).

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