These couples or individuals left England in the years shown, to make new lives in Australia:

Alfred Yeo and Louisa Jackson (c1903)

Arthur Way and Mary Yeo (date unknown)

Caroline Yeo Barnett was born in London in 1842 – she emigrated to Australia, and died in Melbourne in 1922

Charles Yeo (1853) – married Mary Schooling and Georgina Everist

Charles Yeo (1880s) – married Esther Sin Won

Charles Heard Yeo and Susan Stannaway (early 1870s)

Charles Henry Fletcher Yeo and Eliza Jane Reed (1875)

Bertram Hodge and Emma Yeo (date unknown)

Florence Yeo (1912) – married Robert Hodge

Frances Emma Yeo married Alexander Anderson in London in 1854 and emigrated shortly afterwards

George Yeo (1850s) – married Mary Jane Manley and Mary Grace Palk

George Henry Yeo (date unknown) – married Mary Ann Dawson

Isaac Yeo and Elizabeth Frost (1847)

James Yeo (date unknown) – married Ann Russell

James Yeo (1865) – married Mary Ann Mitchell

James Yeo and Elizabeth Yeo (1854)

James Yeo and Mary Ann Kingdon (c1882)

John Thomas Scown and Susanna Yeo (date unknown)

John Yeo (1894) – married Mary Jane Hotten née Heard

John Yeo (1922) – married Florence Mary Shaw

John Stephens Yeo and Mary Ann Humberstone (1875)

John Cole Yeo (1858) – married Selina Mary Dawson and Mary Kirk Paterson

Peter Yeo and Mary Ann Irish (1850s)

Richard Yeo and Elizabeth Mary Wilton (early 1870s)

Richard Curtis Yeo (1870s) – married Elizabeth Julia Wurm

Richard Francis Yeo (1860s)

Robert Yea (1853) – married Catherine Cumming Wootton in 1857 at Beechworth, Victoria

Roger Yeo and Maria Pinsent (1839)

William Yeo and Sarah Morgan (1863)

William Henry Yeo and Mary Vanstone (c1883)

William Edmonds Yeo (1888) – married Louise Heinemann

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