John Yeo and Eleanor May

John Yeo was baptised at St Breward in 1792 and died in 1869. He married Eleanor May at Blisland in 1813 and they baptised three sons there:
– John Yeo (see below)
– Richard Yeo (see below)
– William Yeo (1819–1891, did not marry).
The 1851 census records John and Eleanor at Mennabroom in the parish of St Neot, where John is a farm bailiff; their seven-year-old grandson Richard Yeo (second son of their son John) is listed with them. The 1881 for St Cleer census records John and Eleanor’s son William Yeo, a copper miner.

John Yeo (1813–1845, son of John Yeo and Eleanor May) married Martha Bennett. Their four sons were born at St Neot:
– William Yeo (born c1840)
– Richard Yeo (1843–1933, married Elizabeth Mary Wilton, eight children, emigrated to Australia)
– John Yeo (born 1846, married Emma Jane, two daughters)
– Charles Heard Yeo (see below).

Richard Yeo (1815–1883, son of John Yeo and Eleanor May) married Rosina Victor at St Neot in 1850. They had nine children, eight of whom were born at St Neot:
– John Henry Yeo (born 1852, died as an infant)
– William Yeo (1853–1929 married Catherine Graham, no recorded children)
– Alonzo Yeo (see below)
– Eleanor Yeo (1858–1930, married John Northey)
– John Henry Yeo (1859–1931, moved from Australia to British Columbia, married Emmeline Wadsworth, no recorded children)
– Richard Hedley Yeo (1864–1918 married Mary Ann Stutts, five children)
– Jesse Yeo (1866–1939, married Dinah L. Smith, no recorded children)
– Samson David Yeo (1868–1940, married Isabella Gibson, four children)
Richard and Rosina then emigrated to Ontario with their surviving children; also with another son who was born in Liverpool shortly before they sailed:
– George Lancaster Yeo (1871–1948).

Alonzo Yeo (1854–1931, son of Richard Yeo and Rosina Victor) emigrated to Ontario as a young man. He married Phillippa Medland Pooley at Darlington, Ontario in 1882; they had eight children:
– William Henry Yeo (1882–1958, married Emma Alberta Prout, seven children)
– Richard John Yeo (1884–1947, married Bertha May Short, eleven children)
– Thomas James Yeo (1886–1966, married Florence Maynes, ten children)
– George Russell Yeo (born 1890, died as a child)
– Flossie May Yeo (1895–1967, married Oliver Riley Maynes)
– Annie Maud Yeo (born 1889, died as an infant)
– Harold W. Yeo (born 1892, died as an infant)
– Albert Earnest Yeo (born 1892, died as an infant).

Charles Heard Yeo (1855–1920, son of John Yeo and Martha Bennett) married Susan Stannaway at St Cleer in 1876 and emigrated to Australia, where they had ten children:
– Joseph John Yeo (born 1880, died as a child)
– Evelina Yeo (born 1880, died as an infant)
– Susan Yeo (born 1880, died as an infant)
– Florence Bertha Yeo (1885–1968, married David Griffiths)
– Edith Maud Yeo (1886–1863, married George Boyt)
– Lilian Yeo (born 1887, died as an infant)
– Charles Leslie Yeo (1890–1863, married Lilian Preston Green, son Maurice Leslie Yeo, 1917–1989)
– Albert Yeo (1891–1974, married Ida Friend, no recorded children)
– Elsie Yeo (born 1895, died as an infant)
– Vera Beatrice Yeo (1906–1975, married Gilbert Smith).

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