Henry Yeo and Martha Byrne

This couple married in Dublin in 1807 [note 1]. For more information, see A Yeo Family of Ireland, researched by Mike Darch and David Yaw.

The details of Henry’s birth and parents are not known, but there is speculation that he was from a Devon family and might have been a grandson of William Yeo and Martha Duer, who married at Chichester in 1776. It is not known why he moved to Ireland.

Henry and Martha had at least five children:
– Arthur Annesley Yeo (1809–1839, married Maria Frances Oldham in Dublin in 1832, two children)
– Henry Yeo (see below)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (c1815–1865, married Richard Annesley Billing, emigrated to Australia)
– Gerald Aubrey Yeo (1818–1897, surgeon in the Royal Navy, married Amelia Dorcas Douglas in London in 1855, no recorded children)
– Thomas Frederick Yeo (see Thomas Frederick Yeo and Matilda Dorcas Douglas)
– Charles Oldham Yeo (1826–1907, married Gertrude Ellen King in Ireland in 1853, no recorded children)
– Frederick Oldham Yeo (born 1829, married Matilda Nicholson in Ireland in 1867, no recorded children).

Henry Yeo (1817–1897, son of Henry Yeo and Martha Byrne) married twice. His first marriage was to Jane Anne Ferns in Ireland in 1840; they had five children before her death in 1874:
– Henry Vivian Yeo (see Henry Vivian Yeo and Mary Katherine Seymour)
– Gerald Francis Yeo (1845–1909, moved to Cheshire, married Charlotte Jane Crougham Kitchin in 1873, no recorded children)
– Edith Elizabeth Yeo (1847–1878, married Henry Hodgson Bardswell)
– Amy Yeo (1854–1930, married William Tod)
– Edmond Gore Yeo (see Edmond Gore Yeo and Emily Louisa Kermode).
Henry’s second marriage was to Mary Frances Read at the parish church in Weston, Somerset in 1878 [note 2]. There were no children from this marriage.

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1. At the parish church of St Paul on 20 June, by licence.
2. The village of Weston is a short distance from Bath. The marriage was conducted by licence on 5 March; Henry is described as a widower of Howth, Ireland and his occupation as a clerk of the Dublin Court of Exchequer (‘Barrister at Law’ having previously been entered but crossed through); his father is recorded as ‘Henry Yeo Esq.’ Mary appears to have been born in Ireland; her father John Nixon Read is recorded as a Captain in the Army.