Henry Yeo and Jane Dunn

Henry Yeo (1829–1910, son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Elliot and a great grandson of William Yeo and Ann Hancock of Milton Damerel) was baptised at Milton Damerel and died in Camborne.

Henry married Jane Dunn at Milton Damerel on 19 April 1851; they had three children before moving to Camborne in west Cornwall:
– Thirza Yeo (1851–1874)
– John Yeo (baptised 1853, see John Yeo of Centerville, Iowa)
– Mary Grace Yeo (1855–1940, married Henry Vivian, nine children)
and a further nine children in Camborne:
– William James Yeo (see William James Yeo and Louise Stodden)
– Thomas Henry Yeo (1860–1867)
– Elizabeth Jane Yeo (1863–1864)
– Frederick Richard Yeo (1865–1948)
– Elias Yeo (see below)
– Samuel Yeo (born 1868, married Sarah Glanville, six children)
– Lewis Yeo (1869–1956, married Eliza Craze, six children)
– Edith Jane Yeo (1872–1897, married John Sanders)
– Henry Yeo (1876–1954).

Henry and Jane are recorded in Camborne in the 1871 census. Henry was not a miner, as might be expected in the area, but a farm labourer. This changed, though, as the 1891 census for Camborne records him and two of his sons as tin miners.

Elias Yeo (1867–1936, son of Henry Yeo and Jane Dunn) married Esther Ann Williams in Camborne in 1891. They had four children:
– Charles Yeo (born Camborne 1895, died 1915 [note 1], married Edith Williams, daughter Caroline Yeo born 1915)
– Laura Yeo (born Camborne 1897)
– Thomas Henry Yeo (see below)
– Edith Jane (born Camborne 1906).

Thomas Henry Yeo (1903–1937, son of Elias Yeo and Esther Ann Williams) was born in Camborne. He married Gladys Roberts in 1921; they had three children:
– Sylvia M. Yeo (born 1922, married Delmore Williams)
– Gwendoline J. Yeo (born 1925, married Thomas Kane)
– Walter J. Yeo (born 1929).

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1. Died in India on 1 November 1915 while serving with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Died at Hyderabad and commemorated on the war memorial at Karachi (now in Pakistan).