John Yaw and Elizabeth Richards

John Yaw (1751–1824) was baptised at Templeton, the second of three sons of Joseph Yea and Mary Stone, who had married there in 1749. John married Elizabeth Richards at Washfield in 1784. They had six children, including:
– William Yaw (1791–1836)
– John Yaw (see below)
– Sarah Yaw (born 1803, married Joseph Warren).

John Yaw (1793–1865, son of John Yaw and Elizabeth Richards) married Sarah Mogford [note 1] and had twelve children, including:
– Elizabeth Yaw (see below)
– David Yaw (born 1842).

Elizabeth Yaw (1837–1908, daughter of John Yaw and Sarah Mogford) had a son:
– George Yaw (see below)
before marrying Henry Chapple at North Molton in 1862.

George Yaw (1856–1938 [note 2], son of Elizabeth Yaw) married Sarah Dunn at Bampton in 1878. Their eight children, born in Somerset and in Glamorganshire, included:
– James Yaw (1886–1956, moved to Monmouthshire, married Alma Elizabeth Worgan in 1911, two children)
– Isabella Yaw (born 1888, married William Parsons)
– Jane Yaw (born 1893, married Ernest Warren).

For more information about this family, see the report Descendants of Thomas Yea of Wiveliscombe by Mike Darch and David Yaw.

1. Married at Bampton, but record not found. Sarah’s surname is from the registration of the birth of their son David.
2. Year of birth subject to confirmation.