John Yeo and Hannah Hardy

John Yeo (1818–1864, son of Richard Yeo and Grace Lashbrook) married Hannah Hardy in Prince Edward Island in 1838; they had ten children:
– Elizabeth Hannah Yeo (born c1840)
– Hannah Yeo (born c1845)
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1849, married Richard Godfrey)
– Richard Yeo (born 1840, married Elizabeth Dunn)
– George Yeo (see below)
– Sarah Yeo (born 1844)
– William Yeo (born 1846, married Isabella Green and moved to Massachusetts, six children including Elizabeth Minerva Yeo)
– Grace Lashbrook Yeo (born 1848, married David Godfrey)
– John Yeo (born 1857)
– Charles Yeo (born 1860).

George Yeo (1842–1933, son of John Yeo and Hannah Hardy) married twice. From his first marriage, to Caroline Margaret Sellick in Prince Edward Island in 1896, there was one son:
– Wellington Ellsworth Yeo (see below)
and from his second marriage, to Isabella Moore in Boston, Massachusetts in 1872, there were four children:
– Elsa Mabel Yeo (born 1874)
– Frederick Howard Yeo (see below)
– George Alfred Yeo (1876–1958, married Katherine Valentine Rose, three children)
– Charles Yeo (born 1878, died as a child).

Wellington Ellsworth Yeo (1870–1953, son of George Yeo and Caroline M. Selleck) married Sarah Ellen Crabb at Concord, New Hampshire in 1903. They had five children, including:
– Wellington Loraway Yeo (1905–1999, married Alice Sweetland, three children)
– George Edmund Yeo (1906-2004, married Dorothea Sampson, seven children).

Frederick Howard Yeo (1875–1963, son of George Yeo and Caroline M. Selleck) married Louise Marie Castels in 1911. They had one son:
– Norman Roosevelt Yeo (1919–2002)

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