William Yeo and Margaret Marshall

William Yeo of Worden, Shebbear married Margaret Marshall of St Genys [note 1] about 1670. They had six children:
– Marshall Yeo (1673–1792)
– Grace Yeo (married John Fortescue)
– Jane Yeo (married William Harrington at St Gennys in 1701) [note 2]
– Ursula Yeo [note 2]
– William Yeo (died as an infant)
– Mary Yeo
– Elizabeth Yeo (died as an infant).

The farmhouse at Trevigue in the parish of St Gennys. In the 17th century Trevigue was the home of William Marshall, whose daughter Margaret married William Yeo. © Owen M. Yeo 2006

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1. Some researchers have speculated on a connection to the Robert Marshall who married Margaret Yeo in 1767.
2. Grandson William Yeo Harrington (baptised 1738), great grandson William Yeo Harrington (1770–1775).
3. Sheila recorded that Ursula married George Arundell, but the place and date of this marriage (Buckland Filleigh, 1670) appear to exclude it.