There is a long history of Yeos in the city of Bristol and the area nearby, associated with shipping, commerce and various trades. 

William Mounier Yeo, a descendant of the main landed Yeo line, lived in Clifton in the late 18th century and is recorded there as an apothecary; his will was proved in 1809. William’s widow Phillis Yeo was living at Granby House, Clifton in 1836. See also William Henry – the Yeo who became a Morgan.

There were stay makers called Yeo and Vine at 5 College Place in 1830, and in the same year an Elizabeth Yeo appears to have been licensee of the Horse Shoe and Talbot public house in West Street. Henry Widger Yea – who later emigrated to the United States – is recorded in Clifton in 1881, a lodger in the household of Sylvester Dudden. Robert Yeo, baptised at Barnstaple in 1805, married Jane Paddon and moved to Bristol. His brother John Leworthy Yeo also moved to Bristol, and married Ann Bright. Joseph Greek Yeo (see Creek or Greek? and Joseph Greek Yeo and Jane Matthews) lived in Bristol.

There are these further wills:
– John Yeo of Bristol (proved 1814)
– Francis Ashton Yeo of Bristol (proved 1829)
– Beaple Yeo of Clifton (proved 1837)
– George Hearder Yeo of Bristol (proved 1915)

And this pedigree:
– Descendants of Joseph Yoaw and Lucy Butler, who married at St John the Baptist, Bedminster in 1809.

Research in Bristol is complicated by its having 25 or more parishes, including three in Bedminster and four in Clifton, by the city being divided between Somerset and Gloucestershire, and by the area being covered by four or more civil registration districts, including Barton Regis, Bedminster, Bristol and Clifton.

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