Thomas Yeo’s three marriages

Thomas Yeo (1826–1891) was a son of Samuel Yeo and Esther Dean. He appears to have married three times:

From his marriage to Hannah Eastman at Pilton in 1845 he had two children:
– William Yeo (born 1845)
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1847).

From his marriage to Honor Newcombe in 1850 he had three children:
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1851)
– Charles Henry Yeo (born 1863)
– Annie Eliza Yeo (born 1866).

From his marriage to Esther Mitchell at Withycombe Raleigh in 1867 he had four children:
– Eliza Jane Yeo (born 1868, married Archie Lane Mitchell)
– Emily Susan Yeo (1870–1898, daughter Hannah Emily Yeo was born in 1898 – so did her mother die in childbirth?)
– Thomas Elias Yeo (1871–1874)
– John Yeo (1874–1943, married Faith Kingston, one daughter).

Esther appears to have been born Hester Mitchell at Newton Poppleford in 1833 to parents John Mitchell and Asenah Dean.

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