Isaac Yeo and Elizabeth Upright

Sheila researched this family with a correspondent in 2005. She was sent a narrative pedigree by Julian Yeo in 2009 and received several family photographs from John Pyne.

Isaac Yeo, baptised at Inwardleigh in 1766, was a son of Thomas Yeo and Thomasine Gale. He married Elizabeth Upright at the parish church in Sampford Courtenay in 1789; they had ten children:
– William Yeo (see below)
– Thomasine Yeo (baptised 1791, married John Trebel [note 1])
– Isaac Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1797–1871, married Robert Mugridge)
– Grace Yeo (baptised 1799, married John Growman)
– Mary Yeo (1800–1881, married Simon Mugridge)
– Martha Yeo (1802–1870, married Henry Stennett, emigrated to Ontario)
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Maria Yeo (baptised 1812, married surname Linton).

William Yeo (son of Isaac Yeo and Elizabeth Upright) moved to Plymouth and married Elizabeth Rickard at Stoke Damerel in 1818. They appear not to have had any children [note 6]. Elizabeth died in 1846, William later emigrated to live with his sister Martha Stennett in Keswick, Ontario and his buried there with her. Their headstone spells the family surname as Yoe; it gives William’s date of death as 14 June 1870 and his year of birth as 1789.

Isaac Yeo (1795–1868, son of Isaac Yeo and Elizabeth Upright) married Ann Harvey. They had seven children, including:
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Charlotte Widger)
– James Yeo (see below).

Thomas Yeo (1805–1873, son of Isaac Yeo and Elizabeth Upright), married Charlotte White and had three children:
– Thomas Isaac Yeo (born 1840, married Sarah Cohen in London in 1868, two children)
– William Yeo (born 1843, married Katie Perkins, three children)
– John White Yeo (born 1847).

John Yeo (1807–1877, son of Isaac Yeo and Elizabeth Upright) married Mary Banbury at Kingsteignton in 1835. They settled in Sampford Courtenay and had five children there before Mary’s death:
– Selina Yeo (1836–1896, moved to Liverpool in the 1860s, married James Edward Clayton in 1872)
– Thomas Yeo (1838–1895, married Eliza Marks Endacott in 1862) [note 4]
– John Yeo (1840–1905, moved to Liverpool, married Martha Ann Wood, one daughter)
– Isaac Yeo (see below)
John re-married in 1844. He and his second wife Mary Brealy had one son before her death:
– William Yeo (born 1847)
John married again in 1872. There were no children from this marriage at Sampford Courtenay to Mary Ann Crocker.

Isaac Yeo (1842–1924, son of John Yeo and Mary Banbury) married Harriet Palmer at Weston Super Mare in 1868. They had nine children in Somerset:
– Isaac George Yeo (see below)
– Ellen Harriet Yeo (1870–1884)
– Florence Kate Yeo (1872–1897, married Thomas James)
– Henry Walter Yeo (born 1873)
– Emily Beatrice Yeo (born 1876, appears to have died as a child)
– John Courtenay Yeo (born 1878) [note 5]
before emigrating to Canada, where two further children were born:
– William Yeo (1882–1951, returned to England, married Gladys Venn in 1941, no recorded children)
– Alice Nellie Yeo (1884–1975, returned to England, married Robert Scutt in 1910).
– Amy Beatrice Yeo (1887–1986, returned to England, married Francis George Lloyd in 1914)
Isaac and Harriet later returned to live in Weston Super Mare.

James Yeo (1845–1894, son of Isaac Yeo and Ann Harvey) married Harriet March in Plymouth and later moved to Bristol. They had three children there:
– Elizabeth Ann Yeo (born 1868)
– Ellen Yeo (born 1870)
– Albert James Richard Yeo (see Alfred James Richard Yeo and Harriet Emma Dean)
before moving to Bristol, where they had three further children:
– Henry Arthur Yeo (see below)
– Edwin Philip Yeo (1879–1942, married Catherine John, two children)
– Alfred George Yeo (1880–1950, married Lilly Mabel Scott, two children).

Isaac George Yeo (born in 1869 in Weston Super Mare, son of Isaac Yeo and Harriet Palmer) married Bessie Every. They had nine children in Somerset but also spent a short time in south Wales, where their daughter Olive Nellie Yeo was born. Their children included:
– Sydney George Yeo (1902–1977, married Gwen Morris, four children)
– Olive Nellie Yeo (1902–1969, married William Atherton and emigrated to Canada)
– Herbert Henry Yeo (1911–1979, married Vera Hayman and had two children).

Henry Arthur Yeo (1876–1951, son of James Yeo and Harriet March) married Ellen McLoughlin in Cambridgeshire in 1897. Henry’s career in the Royal Artillery involved various moves [note 2], as reflected in the birthplaces of his six children [note 3]:
– Ellen Elizabeth Yeo (born 1898 at Woolwich)
– Henry Arthur James Yeo (1900–1972, born at Woolwich)
– Alfred Edward Yeo (1904–1966, born in Glasgow)
– Dorothy May Yeo (born 1906 in Glasgow, married Thomas Palmer)
– Florence Alice Yeo (born 1908 in Bradford, Yorkshire)
– Hilda Winifred Yeo (1909–2023, born in Bradford, married William Williams).

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1. Married in the parish church of St Paul, Exeter on 27 May 1827. The bride is recorded as ‘Thomasin Yeo of the precinct of Bradninch’.
2. The 1911 census for the Army camp at Bullford in Wiltshire records 31-year-old Ellen Yeo with her children Ellen Elizabeth (age 12), Henry James (10), Alfred Edward (6), Dorothy May (4) and Florence Alice (3). Ellen’s husband Henry and their youngest daughter Hilda are not listed.
3. All Army registrations.
4. Thomas was a tailor in Okehampton, and executor of his father John Yeo. He and Eliza had at least seven children.
5. John emigrated to Canada in 1920. It is not known how long he stayed there, but he died in England in 1953.
6. Confirmation required.