John Yeo and Elizabeth Reed

Sheila was sent this pedigree by correspondent Bob Yeo and updated it following further research in 2013.

John Yeo (1801–1847, a descendant of John Yeo and Frances Holman) married Elizabeth Reed in the parish of St Mary Magdalene, Launceston on 14 February 1824. They had eleven children before they emigrated in 1846 and settled in Ontario, although they both died there the following year. Their children were:
– Charles Reed Yeo (born 1825, married Filbert Alexandrina Baker, five children)
– John Yeo (1827–1912, married Margaret Tribe, six children including son John Nicholas Yeo, see below)
– Mary Jane Yeo (1830–1914, married John Graham)
– William Yeo (1833–1917, four children with his wife Margaret)
– Elizabeth Ann Yeo (1835–1914, married James Smith)
– Thomas Yeo (born 1837, died as an infant)
– Richard Yeo (born 1837, died as an infant)
– Nicholas Francis Yeo (1839–1930, married Rebecca Clark, five children)
– Francis Yeo (born 1839, died as a child)
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1842, died as an infant)
– Thomas Yeo (born 1844, died as a child).

John Nicholas Yeo (1862–1942, son of John Yeo and Mary Tribe) married Sarah Slack in 1885 and had one son:
– Elmer Nicholas Yeo (1898–1971, married Florence Clinger, nine children).

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