Otherwise known as . . .

The word ‘alias’ occasionally occurs in records and is the equivalent of ‘otherwise known as’. It is often shortened to ‘als’. Some examples are:
– ‘John Arnold als at Yeo’ was buried at North Tawton in 1563.
– ‘Johanna filia Johis Ewen als Yoye’ was baptised at St Mary, Wolborough in 1589 and her father was buried there in 1590; ‘Tomasin Ewen als Yoye’ was married in the same parish in 1597.
– Administration of the estate of Elizabeth Yeo alias Harrell of Swimbridge was granted in 1602 (Yeo was her surname after her first marriage; Harrell her surname after her second).
– ‘Johan Arnell als Yeo’ married Vincent Morell at Halberton in 1630.
– ‘Richard Yeo alias Tricke’ was baptised at Morwenstow in 1683 to parents Francis and Jone Yeo. ‘John Yeo alias Trick’ was baptised in the same parish thee years later to parents Francis and Joyce Yeo.
– ‘Robert Rooke alias Yew’ was buried at Cannington in 1698.
– ‘Mary Yeo als Williams’ married Thomas Hawkins at Cannington in 1724.
– ‘William and Mary Yeo als Bowden’ baptised a daughter Mary at Christow in 1709. ‘Georg Yeo alias Bowden’ married Rebecca Hore in the same parish in 1744.
– ‘Matilda Emily Yeo alias Nicholson’ married Thomas Somers at St Mary, Dublin in 1872. Matilda’s surname had become Yeo after a previous marriage; Nicholson was her original surname.