The Yea family of Pyrland, Somerset

Alfred Monday published a study of this family in 1885 [note 1]. This book has been widely quoted, but Monday’s research has been superseded by the more recent publication of Descendants of Richard Yea of Oakhampton, Wiveliscombe by Mike Darch and David Yaw.

If are interested in this family or have Yea ancestors, please follow the link above.

1. Alfred James Monday, The history of the family of Yea: Formerly of Pyrland in the parish of Taunton St. James; of Oakhampton in the parish of Wiveliscombe; of the manor of Stone, in the parish of Brompton Ralph; of the parish of Tolland; of Burliford in the parish of Bishop’s Nympton; of North Wheelborough in the parish of King’s Carswell; of the manor and parish of Sturminister Marshall; of Yea’s Hundred Acres in the parishes of Cannington, Stockland and Huntspill; with divers other considerable possessions, all situated within the several counties of Somerset, Devon & Dorset. Published by G. Vincent, Taunton, 1885.