Philip Yeo and Elizabeth Hallett

Philip Yeo (1769–1843, son of James Yeo and Martha Robbins) married Elizabeth Hallett at Launcells in 1797 and and baptised three sons at Kilkhampton:
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Ann Wheare)
– Thomas Yeo (1800–1867), moved to Hartland and had a son John Yeo [note 1] with his wife Dorothy
– Philip Yeo (see below).

Philip Yeo (1802–1878, son of Philip Yeo and Elizabeth Hallett) moved to London and trained as a tailor, then moved to Plymouth. He married Susan Channons at the parish church in East Stonehouse on  6 March 1825; they had eleven children, including:
– Thomas James Yeo (see below)
– John Channons Yeo (see below)
– Erwin Henry Yeo (1839–1936, died in Kent).

Thomas James Yeo (1828–1885, son of Philip Yeo and Susan Channons) married Caroline Leathlean in Plymouth in 1859; their nine children were born there:
– Thomas John Yeo (see below)
– Caroline Leathlean Yeo (born 1862)
– Eliza Jane Yeo (born 1864)
– Beatrice Mary Yeo (born 1866, married Matthew Johnson)
– Sidney Philip Yeo (1870–1895, died in South Africa)
– William James Yeo (born 1873, married Katherine Phoebe Austin, two sons)
– Leah Madeleine Yeo (born 1874, married George Archibald King Lear)
– Edwin Philip Yeo (1876–1962, married Clara Louise Byard, three children)
– Eva Susan Hannah Yeo (born 1876).

John Channons Yeo (1837–1892 [note 2], son of Philip Yeo and Susan Channons) married Sarah Ann Stibbs and had eight children in Plymouth:
– Sarah Yeo (born 1860, died as a child)
– Robert Ewrin Yeo (see below)
– John Channons Yeo (1864–1921, married Sarah Mary Ann Masters, five children)
– Erwin Henry Yeo (born 1866)
– Sarah Yeo (1866–1953, married Thomas Henry Thatcher [note 3])
– Edwin Philip Yeo (born 1868, died as an infant)
– Edwin Philip Yeo (born 1870)
– Albert Sydney Yeo (see below)
before moving to London with his family and having two further sons:
– Charles Edgar Yeo (born 1876, married Lilian Violet Beatrice Nash, one son)
– Frederick Jesse Yeo (born 1878).

Thomas John Yeo (1860–1927, son of Thomas James Yeo and Caroline Leathlean) [note 4], married twice. He first married Lavinia Symons Glanville in Plymouth in 1883; they had three children:
– Marion Eliza Yeo (born 1886)
– Erwin Philip James Yeo (1888–1950, married Elsie Maude Cottingham in 1925 [notes 5, 6]
– Sydney Thomas Yeo (1990–1916) [note 8].
Thomas’s second marriage was to Mary Ann Adams née Wren in south-east London in 1911 [note 9]; no children are recorded from this marriage.

Robert Erwin Yeo, son of John Channons Yeo and Sarah Ann Stibbs, was born in 1862 in Plymouth. He moved to London with his parents and married Emily Reynolds at the parish church of St Mark, Notting Hill on 11 January 1886. They had three sons:
– William Irwin Henry Yeo (born 1887, married Cordelia Sayer, no recorded children)
– Ida Jane Yeo (1895–1984, emigrated to Ontario, married Alfred Fraser Batch)
– Herbert Lewis Yeo (1897–1950, married Maisie Deering, two children, died in Kent).

Albert Sydney Yeo (1872–1916, son of John Channons Yeo and Sarah Ann Stibbs) also moved to London with his parents, He had six children with his wife Georgina Weller:
– Albert William Yeo (born 1899, married Violet Oliver, five children)
– Sydney George Yeo (born 1900, married Helen Whybrew, no recorded children)
– Ida Mary Yeo (born 1902)
– Violet Georgina Yeo (born 1903, married Thomas Hewland Gardner)
– John Guy Yeo (1904–1979, married Kathleen Devlin, two children)
– Thomas Charles Yeo (1906–1997).

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1. Baptised 1824 at Hartland, married Priscilla Lewis in Cardiff in 1846, two children born in Lancashire.
2. John Channons Yeo worked variously as a fish dealer, carpenter and porter.
3. Recorded as Sarah Emma Yeo when her marriage was registered at Kensington in the second quarter of 1886.
4. Thomas trained as a teacher at Cheltenham Training College. He was headmaster of Hearnville Road School, Balham 1905–1906 and headmaster of Wickham Lane School, Woolwich 1906–1920. He died in Orpington, Kent.
5. Marriage registered at Bromley, Kent in the third quarter.
6. Elsie trained as a teacher, and was headmistress of Watermoor Church of England School in Cirencester from 1934. Her father-in-law Thomas John Yeo was also a teacher: the 1911 census for Plumstead records him as a head teacher at a London County Council school.
8. Sydney died in France on 19 September 1916 while serving as a Lance Corporal in the London Regiment.
9. Married at the parish church of St Mark, Plumstead on 6 July. Mary Ann had previously married William Daniel Adams in 1883.