Thomas Yeo and Grace Walter Yeo

Grace Walter Yeo had three different surnames and two Yeo lines of descent, giving her a family history that is not easy to unravel. On her paternal side she was a great granddaughter of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Gist. On her maternal side she was a great granddaughter of Henry Walter and Emm Yeo.

Grace was baptised at Bradworthy in 1796 to parents John Yeo and Elizabeth Walter. She married her second cousin Benjamin Yeo Ashton at Bradworthy in 1816 and had four children.

After Benjamin’s death in 1822, Grace married Thomas Yeo (1794–1881). They baptised three daughters at Bradworthy:
– Mary Jane Yeo (1825–1870, married Henry James Lawry)
– Anne Maria Georgina Yeo (1828–1732)
– Nora Grace Yeo (1839–1902, married Henry Elliott)
and then emigrated to Ontario.

Thomas and Grace farmed at Darlington, where she died in 1885.

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