John Yeo and Catherine Lee

John Yeo (c1867–1948) married Catherine Lee at the parish church at Christow on 19 September 1891. Their marriage certificate records John’s father as John Yeo, a labourer, but there is no other record of his parents. They might have been John Yeo and Elizabeth Watkins Blatchford, although his birth appears to pre-date their marriage. They might also have been John Yeo and Elizabeth Crout, who had a son John in Moretonhampstead in 1867.

The 1911 census for Teignmouth records John as a 48-year-old gardener and his birthplace as Moretonhampstead. His wife, whose name is spelt Katherine, is 42 and their youngest seven children are listed with them. Some of their recorded places of birth do not match the information below.

John and Catherine had ten children. Their first three were born at Christow:
– Daisy Mary Yeo (1892–1961, married Maurice Holley)
– William Yeo (see below)
– Alice Yeo (born 1895, married Joseph Prowse)
and they had two children at Moretonhampstead:
– John Yeo (born 1897, married Nellie Florence Dubin in 1920, no recorded children)
– Bessie Yeo (born 1899, married Charles Nottingham)
with the remaining five born at Stokeinteighhead:
– Dorothy Yeo (1901–1974, married Harry Endacott)
– Beatrice Maud Mary Yeo (1902–1972, married Frank Petheyjohn)
– Frank Edward Yeo (1904–1983, married Lillian Roseana Brailey in 1921, four children)
– Arthur James Yeo (born 1906, married Isabel J. Selley in 1948, no recorded children)
– Edward George Yeo (see below).

William Yeo (1894–1968, son of John Yeo and Catherine Lee) joined the Royal Navy and served in both World Wars; Sheila researched his Navy career. He married Edith Hammacott at Chudleigh in 1915; they had four children:
– Alice Margery Yeo (born 1915)
– William Leslie Yeo (born 1917, married Ethel Betty Stancombe in 1951)
– Lawrence George Yeo (1919–1981, moved to Nottingham, married Kathleen Clara Keall in 1942, six children) Sheila carried out extensive research into the Keall family
– Ronald W.J. Yeo (born 1922, married Dorothy Moxham at Winchester in 1945, one daughter).

Edward George Yeo (1910–1999, son of John Yeo and Catherine Lee) married Emily Ann Stoyle at the parish church at Tormoham in 1931. The parish register shows Edward as bachelor and lorry driver, and records the bride as a spinster. They had one son:
– John Frederick Yeo (born 1934, married Pamela Whitlock).

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