Grace Yeo – transcription error

Many researchers’ trees include the marriage at Launcells on 8 August 1722 of Thomas Banbury and Grace Yeo.

This appears to be based on a transcription error that first appeared on page 113 of Phillimore’s Cornwall Marriage Registers, Volume XXIII, published by Phillimore & Co in 1914. The transcription was made by researcher C.B. Kingdon from the original register held in the parish church, as follows: ‘Thomas Banbury & Grace Yeo [8] 4 Aug. 1722’.

Phillimore transcriptions are as prone to error as any other transcribed source, but they have often been regarded as authoritative – perhaps because they were typeset and printed. Sheila included this marriage in several trees and identified Grace Yeo as a daughter of Robert Yeo and Rose Cory, who married in the neighbouring parish of Stratton in 1697, and many online trees include it too.

Close examination of the parish register reveals that the bride’s surname clearly differs from a Yeo entry nearby on the same page, and is written as Jen, not Yeo. The bride was Grace Jenn, who had been baptised in the neighbouring parish of Whitstone in 1700 and was buried at Launcells in 1752. She and Thomas had seven children, who they baptised at Launcells between 1723 and 1736. These children included Grace Banbury, who went on to marry John Yeo (the eldest son of John Yeo and Ann Gilddon) at Launcells in 1759 – see John Yeo and Grace Banbury.

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We are grateful to Rosie Watts for her help in unravelling this error.