Thomas Yeo and Mary Davis

Thomas Yeo, the elder son of James Yeo and Eleanor Bragg was baptised in 1715 at Roborough, a parish a short distance east of Great Torrington [note 1]. He married Mary Davis at Roborough in 1754 and baptised ten children after moving to Atherington:
– Elinor Yeo (baptised 1756)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1761)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1764, married Joan Dennis at High Bickington in 1789, son Thomas Yeo, see below)
– Margaret Yeo (1766–1801)
– Joanna Yeo (see Thomas Martin and Joanna Yeo)
– James Yeo (baptised 1771, married Elizabeth Eastman, six children including Thomas Yeo and James Yeo, see below)
– Jane Yeo (baptised 1773)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1775)
– Jane Yeo (baptised 1778).

John Yeo (1759–1804, son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Davis) married Elizabeth Punchard at Atherington in 1792. They baptised four sons in the same parish:
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Margery Stacey)
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– James Yeo (see James Yeo and Elizabeth Smith)
– William Yeo (see below).

Thomas Yeo (baptised at St Peter, Barnstaple in 1791, son of Thomas Yeo and Joan Dennis), married and moved to Pembrokeshire – see David Yeo and Eliza Bevan.

Thomas Yeo (baptised 1795 at Atherington, son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Punchard) married Mary Manning at West Down in 1822. They baptised seven children at West Down:
– James Yeo (baptised 1822)
– William Yeo (baptised 1825)
– Mariane Yeo (baptised 1827)
– Emma Yeo (baptised 1830)
– Thomas Yeo  (baptised 1832)
– George Yeo (see George Yeo and Ann Gliddon)
– Anne Yeo (see below).

Thomas Yeo (baptised at Atherington in 1798, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Eastman) married Sarah Delve at Pilton in 1732 and moved to Exeter. They had three children.

William Yeo (baptised 1802 at Atherington, son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Punchard, married Jane Lang in 1827. They had seven children:
– Thomas Yeo (1826–1873)
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1832 at Bittadon)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Anne Yeo (born 1839 at Marwood)
– William Yeo (born 1844 at Marwood, died as a child)
– Jane Yeo (1844–1949)
– William (born 1850 at Marwood, married Mary Harris, four children).

James Yeo (baptised at Atherington in 1808, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Eastman) moved to Pembrokeshire – see James Yeo and Martha Thomas.

John Yeo (1834–1870, son of William Yeo and Jane Lang), married Jane Winsor [note 2]. Their nine children, all born at West Down, included:
– James Yeo (1859–1931, married Mary Ann Kingdon, emigrated to Queensland with the first two of their nine children)
– Henry Yeo (born 1860, moved to Liverpool, married Mary Ann Downes, seven children)
– George Yeo (see below).

Anne Yeo (baptised at West Down in 1836, daughter of Thomas Yeo and Mary Manning) had two illegitimate sons:
– James Henry Yeo (see below)
– George Yeo (born 1860 at Ilfracombe, married Emma Elizabeth Scourfield, no recorded children).

James Henry Yeo (1857–1927, son of Anne Yeo) moved to south Wales and married Lydia Jones there in 1878. They had twelve children, including:
– Thomas Charles Yeo (1883–1941, married Hannah Jane George, two daughters)
– Ernest James Yeo (1896–1950, moved to London, married Daisy Robertson at West Ham in 1922, three sons)
– David John Yeo (1898–1918, died in France while serving in the Welsh Regiment, buried at Vis-en-Artois Cemetery).

George Yeo (1863–1940, son of John Yeo and Jane Winsor), married Annie Richards in 1889. They had four children:
– William John Yeo (1899–1963, married Mabel Lillie Tucker, no recorded children)
– Frederick Yeo (1890–1976, married Ellen Hopkins, seven children)
– Hettie Jane Yeo (1894–1979, married Frederick Hopkins)
– Ernest James Yeo (1901–1970, married Frances Ellen Joslin, four children).

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1. Some researchers incorrectly show Thomas as a son of Bartholomew Yeo and Margaret Slade.
2. Jane Winsor was baptised at Mortehoe in 1833. Her surname was recorded as Windsor when she married John Yeo in 1857.