James Henry Yeo and Ruhaniah Eggleston

James Henry Yeo, a great grandson of Richard Yeo and Honor Bynes of Holsworthy, was born in New Jersey in 1809. He married Ruhaniah Eggleston and had five children:
– James Henry Yeo (born 1836)
– John B. Yeo (1838–1939)
– Lewis Sanford Yeo (see below)
– Margaret Frances Yeo (1847–1880, also recorded as Frankie Maria Yeo, married Merritt Cleveland)
– Mortimer Portimer Yeo (see below)
– Charles Leroy Yeo (born 1857, moved to Michigan and married Catherine Houghey, four children).
The 1855 census for Onodaga in New York state records James Henry Yeo as a blacksmith. He died in Kansas in 1891, surviving Ruhaniah by nine years.

Lewis Sanford Yeo (1840–1899, son of James Henry Yeo and Ruhaniah Eggleston) married Francis Adeline Armstrong at Hannibal in New York state in 1863. They had two children there:
– Addie Rue Yeo (1865–1947)
– Rollins Yeo (born 1867)
before moving west, to Montana and later to Kansas, and having eight more:
– Sherman Yeo (born 1869)
– Grant Lewis Yeo (1869–1954, married Margaret Shaw Zimmerman, four children including Leo Grant Yeo, see below)
– Cyrus Burdette Yeo (1873–1955, did not marry)
– Charles Yeo (1874–1880)
– Ella May Yeo (born 1876)
– Lewis Sanford Yeo junior (see below)
– Vernon Yeo (born 1882)
– James Henry Yeo (1884–1958).

Mortimer Portimer Yeo (1849–1922) moved to Michigan and married Dutch immigrant Alide Nye. They had four children:
– Frederick Mortimer Yeo (1877–1914, married Mabel Morrison, son Percy Mortimer Yeo, 1900–1992)
– Pearl Yeo (1881–1917, married Roy Eldon Stoddard)
– Edward Theodore Yeo (1885–1975, married Matilda Ruth Rinehart, six children)
– Arden Yeo (born 1886).
Did Mortimer Portimer Yeo also marry Hanna Bloomstein?

Lewis Sanford Yeo (1879–1956, son of Lewis Sanford Yeo and Francis Adeline Armstrong) married Maude Butchart in Missouri in 1904. They had five children:
– Burdett Yeo (1906–1974)
– Loren Yeo (1907–1963)
– Emma May Yeo (1912)
– Kenneth Yeo (born c1913)
– Jack Austin Yeo (1915–1968, married children’s author Wilma Lethem in 1938, daughter Sandra Lou Yeo)
– Betty Lou Yeo (1924–1993, married Reginald Henry Perkins in 1943).

Leo Grant Yeo (1892–1965, son of Grant Lewis Yeo and Margret Shaw Zimmerman) married Ethel Maud Ball at Phillipsburg, Kansas in 1915 and had four children.

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