Robert James Yeo, lighthouse keeper in Jamaica

Robert James Yeo was born in England to parents Richard Yeo and Elizabeth Hopton [note 1].

Marant Point lighthouse. Photograph by Michael L. Dorn, 2006 [note 2].

Robert appears to have been an only child; his marriage to Caroline James is not recorded in Devon and might have taken place in the West Indies. Robert and Caroline lived at the lighthouse at Marant Point on the eastern tip of Jamaica from its opening in 1841. They had one son:
– George Edward Yeo (see below).

George Edward Yeo (1837–1914) worked as a Church of England minster in various parishes in the West Indies. Photograph courtesy of Douglas Edward Yeo.

George Edward Yeo (1837–1914) was baptised in Jamaica. He married Helen Storey on the Island of Tortola in 1866; their seven children were all born in the West Indies:
– Georgina Yeo (1868–1959)
– George Cecil Yeo (see George Cecil Yeo and Muriel Olton)
– Hugh Edmond Storey Yeo (see below)
– Elma Isabella Brancil Yeo (born 1874, married Henry Archibald Frampton)
– Moira Lena Reid Yeo (born 1875)
– Muriel Yeo (born 1876)
– Clarence James Hope Yeo (see below).

Hugh Edmond Storey Yeo (1872–1912, son of George Edward Yeo and Helen Storey) moved to New York City, where he married Margaret Carton. Their five children were born in New York:
– Helen Yeo (born 1900, married Howard Brennen)
– Hugh M. Yeo (born 1902)
– Margaret G. Yeo (born 1903)
– George Edward Yeo (1908–1953, two children)
– Robert Yeo (born 1912).

Clarence James Hope Yeo (1879–1965, son of George Edward Yeo and Helen Storey) also moved to New York City, where he married Ethelfleda Gordon Olton. They had two children:
– Clarence Edward Story Yeo (see below)
– Mildred Harriet Yeo (1910–1987, married Herbert Moyer Aungst).

Clarence Edward Story Yeo (1901–1971, son of Clarence James Hope Yeo and Ethelfleda Gordon Olton) married Dorothy Malcolm. They had two sons:
– Malcom Olton Yeo (1928–2013)
– Alan Deane Yeo (1930–2016).

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1. Confirmation required.
2. Photograph used under Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA 4.0.
3. The baptism register from the Jamaican parish of Port Royal records George Edward Yeo’s baptism (26 July 1837) and date of birth (15 July); the record does not name his parents but his 1866 marriage certificate confirms the name of his father.
4. Correspondence between Sheila Yeo and Douglas Yeo (for his web site see the Useful links page); information from Caroline Le Brun; documents sent to Sheila by Suzanne Kaylor (who engaged professional researcher Glenys Rasmussen); later corrections and additions from Douglas.