Catholic records

England was a Catholic country before the Reformation in the 16th century, so parish records from this period are for Catholic baptisms, marriages and burials. Some of the records are in Latin.

After the Reformation, we we know of only a small number of Catholic records for Yeo or its variant surnames in England: 26 baptisms (between 1837 and 1916), eight marriages (between 1861 and 1936) and one burial (in 1899). These records include:
– The baptism of George Yew in Worcestershire in 1837
– The baptism of James Yea in London in 1852
– The marriage at Sevenoaks, Kent in 1887 of William Philip Yeo Wellington and Florence Dagmar Magdalen Hamilton Hutchings
– The baptism of Agnes Yeo in Liverpool in 1901.

In Scotland we know of:
– The marriage of Francis Yeo and Margaret Hunter in Edinburgh in 1814 and the baptism of their son William Thomas Yeo the following year
– Yaw baptisms in Glasgow in 1858, 1859 and 1914 – we await confirmation of the surname.

In Australia we know of:
– The marriage of Joseph Yeo and May Margaret Weston at the Cathedral of St Francis Xavier in 1930.

If you know of any other Catholic records or if there are Catholics in a family line you have researched, please use the Contact Us page to tell us about them. We would also be interested in relevant Catholic records from Ireland and overseas.