George Yeo and Hannah Pierce

George Yeo (1813–1871) was a great grandson of William Yeo and Wilmot Aller of Sampford Courtenay.

He married Hannah (or Mary Anna) Pierce in Hillfarance, Somerset in 1839 and they had five children:
– William Yeo (born 1842)
– Walter Herbert Yeo (see Walter Herbert Yeo and Mary Ann Brooks)
– Maria Yeo (born 1846)
– May Yeo (born 1850)
– Samuel Yeo (1853–1926, married Charlotte Paice, four children including Albert Victor Yeo, see below).

Albert Victor Yeo (1879–1943, son of Samuel Yeo and Charlotte Paice, married Sarah Deadman and had three children, including Victor Charles Yeo (see below).

Victor Charles Yeo (1921–1985, son of Albert Victor Yeo and Sarah Deadman, married Bertha Nichols in 1942 and had one son.

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