George Yeo and Hannah Pierce

George Yeo (1813–1871) was a great grandson of William Yeo and Wilmot Aller of Sampford Courtenay.

He married Hannah (or Mary Anna) Pierce in Hillfarance, Somerset in 1839 and they had five children:
– William Yeo (born 1842)
– Walter Herbert Yeo (see Walter Herbert Yeo and Mary Ann Brooks)
– Maria Yeo (born 1846)
– May Yeo (born 1850)
– Samuel Yeo (see below).

Samuel Yeo (1853–1926, son of George Yeo and Hannah Pierce) married twice. From his first marriage, to Charlotte Paice in London in 1876, there were four children:
– Arthur George Victor Yeo (born 1878)
– Albert Victor Yeo (see below)
– Charlotte Yeo (1880–1909)
– Samuel Yeo (born 1888, died as a child)
and from his second marriage, to Elizabeth Johnson née Gillott [notes 1, 2, 3], there were seven children:
– Mary Winifred Yeo (born 1897)
– Bernard Yeo (see below)
– Agnes Yeo (born 1901, married Alfred Andersen) [note 3]
– Mildred Mary Yeo (1905–1994, married Harold Beswick)
– George Yeo (see below)
– Herbert Yeo (1908–1990, married Catherine Regan, five children)
– William Yeo (1911–1986, married Adelaide Elizabeth Clarke, two children).

Albert Victor Yeo (1879–1943, son of Samuel Yeo and Charlotte Paice, married Sarah Deadman and had three children, including Victor Charles Yeo (see below).

Bernard Yeo (1900–1975, son of Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Johnson née Gillott) married Winifred Alice Winter in 1924. Their two sons were born in London:
– Frank Bernard Yeo (1925–2001, married Joyce Haddow, two children)
– Anthony Robert Yeo (1926–2011), married Edith M. Grier in Yorkshire in 1951, two children).

George Yeo (1906–1982, son of Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Gillott) married Alice Louise Beadle in 1929. They had seven children:
– George Frederick Yeo (1930–2018, married Vera Bessie Biddle in London in 1954, four children)
– Charles Victor Yeo (1931–1994, married Angela Dovey, four children)
– Alice Joan Yeo (born 1931, married John Jarman)
– Lilian Adrienne Pauline Yeo (born 1934, emigrated to New Zealand, married Maurice O’Connell)
– David William Yeo (1939–1999)
– James Michael Yeo (born 1946, married Carole Ralph, two children)
– Diane Yeo (born 1948, married Jules Wilkinson).

Victor Charles Yeo (1921–1985, son of Albert Victor Yeo and Sarah Deadman) married Bertha Nichols in 1942. They had one son.

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1. No record of this marriage in England or Wales has been found, but the births of the children listed were registered with the mother’s surname as Gillott. The 1911 census records the family at 26 Amies Street, Battersea, with Elizabeth as the name of George’s wife and that they have been married for fifteen years.
2. An Elizabeth Gillott, born in Leeds in 1874, matches the details given for Samuel Yeo’s alleged wife in the 1921 census. She had married William Johnson in 1894 (registered at Nottingham in the fourth quarter, recorded as Eliza). There is no record of her marriage to Samuel, and as no record has been found of the death of Samuel’s first wife Charlotte, perhaps they did not marry.
3. Elizabeth Yeo, formerly Gillott is named as the mother in the 1901 baptism record of Agnes Yeo, from a Catholic ceremony at the church of St Clare in Arundel Road, Liverpool.