Samuel Yeo and Joan Leworthy

Jill Yeo and Percy Yeo investigated this line and sent information to Sheila in the 1990s.

Samuel Yeo was baptised at Swimbridge in 1762. He was a great grandson of William Yeo and Susanna Davey. 

Samuel married Joan Leworthy at nearby Stoke Rivers in 1791 and they baptised seven children there:
– Joan Yeo (1792–1852, married Thomas Rowclift)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1795)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1798–1799)
– Elizabeth Yeo (see below)
– Jenny Yeo (1805–1892)
– William Yeo (see below)
– Charity Yeo (1810–1833).
Samuel’s wife Joan was buried at Loxhore in 1861.

Elizabeth Yeo (baptised at Stoke Rivers in 1802, daughter of Samuel Yeo and Joan Leworthy) appears to have had two illegitimate children:
– Prudence Yeo (1822–1908, married William Henry Cockrem)
– John Yeo (1827–1837)
before marrying married James Kingdon at Landkey in 1830. They emigrated to Australia [note 1].

William Yeo (baptised at Stoke Rivers in 1808, son of Samuel Yeo and Joan Leworthy) married Joan Squire at Monkokehampton in 1837 and moved to Cardiff. Their three children were:
– Jane Yeo (born 1838)
– Mary Yeo (born 1839)
– William Yeo (see below).

William Yeo (1841–1922, son of William Yeo and Joan Squire) emigrated to the United States and married Helen Louisa Sampson. Their son William Sampson Yeo (1871–1952) married Jane Harrriet Pickering in Minnesota in 1934 and had one son:
– Robert Pickering Yeo (1935–2016).

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1. Correspondents Keith Rees and Ian Thwaites have kindly provided details of James and Elizabeth’s descendants. See also the unrelated line [James Yeo and Mary Ann Kingdon].