Jonas W. Yeo and Emily Platt Robinson

Jonas W. Yeo (1836–1875) was a grandson of Levi Yeo of Maryland (see under Melvyn Hanawalt Yeo). He married Emily Platt Robinson in Indiana in 1857. They had two sons:
– Harry M. Yeo (1857–1921)
– Herbert Robinson Yeo (1864–1883)
– Willard F. Yeo (see below).

Harry M. Yeo (1857–1921, son of Jonas W. Yeo and Emily Platt Robinson) married Laura Elizabeth Shute in Milwaukee on 18 June 1892. Sheila originally drafted this line from information supplied by Jean Gaw Buckley. It needs further research. Harry and Laura and had two children:
– Ruth Anna Yeo (born in Indiana in 1893)
– William Yeo (born in Indiana about 1894).

Willard F. Yeo (1870–1941, son of Jonas W. Yeo and Emily P. Robinson) married Mary Zelinda Doan in Indiana in 1896 and died in Los Angeles. They had three children:
– Matilda Macey Yeo (1899–1989, married Jack Harrold)
– Natalie Robinson Yeo (1901–1934, married Brockway Paine)
– Erwin Platt Yeo (1910–1948).

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