Frederick Charles Yeo and Emily Hill

The 1939 Register records 43-year-old widower Frederick C. Yeo at 7 Trinity Church Road in Barnes, south west London. He is a major in the Royal Ulster Rifles [note 1] and his 20-year-old daughter Marion Joan Yeo, a shorthand typist [note 2], is listed with him.

Frederick had been born in Cornwall 1896, the fourth of five children of John Yeo [note 3] and Emily Bater. He had married Emily Hill in 1918.

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1. Frederick appears to have been a career soldier, and was awarded the Military Medal in the First World War. While serving with the Devon Regiment, he was awarded an MBE in 1921. He served with the Royal Ulster Rifles in India from 1929 to 1933, and retired in 1940.
2. Marion was born in 1919.
3. 1854–1897, son of William Yeo and Thirza Trick.