Joseph Hussey Yeo and Jane Matthews

Joseph Hussey Yeo [note 1] and Jane Matthews married in Bristol in 1870. They lived in the Clifton area of Bristol, and had eight children there:
– William Joseph Hussey Yeo (see below)
– Charles Robert Hussey Yeo (born 1874, died as an infant)
– Kate Louisa Hussey Yeo (born 1875)
– Ada Yeo (born 1875)
– Frederick Hussey Yeo (1878–1918, married Sarah Elizabeth Nicholls, emigrated to Australia, son Frederick James Hussey Yeo born 1904)
– Beatrice Hussey Yeo (born 1879)
– Ernest Phillip Hussey Yeo (1881, married Lilian Grace Stone in 1937, no recorded children)
– Thomas Hussey Yeo (born 1882, died as an infant).

William Joseph Hussey Yeo (1872–1939, son of Joseph Hussey Yeo and Jane Matthews) lived in Bristol and married twice. He married Rose Tesdale in 1902; they had at least one son:
– William Joseph Hussey Yeo (see below).
Rose died in 1909; William married Annie Morgan the following year. There were ten children from this second marriage, including [note 2]:
– Arthur Leonard Hussey Yeo (1910–1939, died while serving in the Royal Navy)
– Leslie David Hussey Yeo (1915–1943, died while serving in the Royal Navy)
– Ronald Clifford Hussey Yeo (born 1920, married Esme Hall, one daughter).

William Joseph Hussey Yeo (1904–1982, son of William Joseph Hussey Yeo and Rose Tesdale) married Ellen Tovey in 1937. They had a daughter:
– Josephine M. Hussey Yeo (born 1938, married Ronald S Potter).

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1. Born about 1842 and recorded by some researchers as Joseph Greek Yeo. Birth record not found.
2. Confirmation of this information is needed.