Court records and land transfers

Sheila put great deal of effort into researching and recording a range of legal documents. They included property deeds, contracts of sale, leases and re-leases, and cases in local and national courts. The documents that she and other researchers have collected and transcribed are summarised in the table on this page. Note that the table is under development.

To search for records, use the filters at the foot of the table, either individually or in combination, some of which might be filled when the page is opened. Putting a space before or after a filter term can be of help in refining the results. Use Tab and Shift-Tab to move between the filters.

Comments in square brackets are not present in the register entries. The county shown in the rightmost column relates to the parties or the property, not to where the case was heard.

To comment on any of these records or to find out where the original documents are held, please use the Contact Us page.