William Fletcher Yeo and Elizabeth Churchward

William Fletcher Yeo was born in Torquay in 1839 and married Elizabeth Churchward in 1861. They had six children in Devon:
– William Yeo (1862–1920, married Lena Martha Henrich, twelve children)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (1863–1931, married Francis Orville Case)
– George Yeo (1864–1944, married Jessie Lee, three children)
– Thirza Churchward Yeo (1865–1914, married Henry Stermer)
– James Yeo (1867–1940, married Mary Hunt)
– Arthur Yeo (1868–1937)
and then emigrated with them to Canada, where their next two children were born:
– Fred Yeo (1869–1945)
– Annie Eliza Yeo (1871–1923, married Oscar Lane)
on the move again, over the border to Michigan, four more children:
– Kate Yeo (1873–1959, married Grant Connor)
– Samuel Edward Yeo (1874–1923)
– Sibella Yeo (1876–1923, married Harris Nimmo)
– Henrietta Yeo (1876–1973, married Eric Anderson)
and to Nebraska, two more children:
– Martha Ellen Yeo (1882–1959, married Carter Schillington)
– Albert Yeo (1884–1884).

William Fletcher Yeo died in Sherwood, Oregon in 1909. His wife Elizabeth died there in 1931 at the age of 91.

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