Samuel Yeo and Mary Jane Hutchings

Samuel Yeo, born in Duloe, Cornwall in 1845, was a great grandson of Philip Yeo and Susanah Brown of Duloe. 

The late Bert Street sent Sheila information about this family, and also transcribed a large number of Yeo records for her.

Samuel Yeo married Mary Jane Hutchings in Plymouth in 1874 and they had eight children:
– Frances Yeo (born 1872, married George Rodda)
– Rebecca Maud Yeo (1873–1933, married Henry John Warren, four children)
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1875)
– Edith Yeo (born 1877–1959, married John Jelfs, four children)
– Annie Maria Yeo (1879–1957, married Thomas George Potter)
– Fred Yeo (1880–1967, married Loveday Cedonia Webb, eight children)
– Florence Yeo (born 1882)
– Fanny Yeo (born 1887).

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